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The sophisticated diagnostic tools that doctors use for humans are also available for our pets.

Cat & Dog Imaging in Naples, FL

The sophisticated diagnostic tools that doctors use for humans are also available for our pets. The Animalife Veterinary Center at Mission Hills offers a full in-house laboratory for performing a variety of tests and screens, digital radiology, and ultrasound. Our patients deserve to have access to these quality services so they can receive the best possible treatment while they are in our care.

Cat and dog imaging helps us see the subtle details that cannot be found in a nose-to-tail wellness exam. These details complete the bigger picture and give our team the information necessary for making an accurate diagnosis. They may also show us signs that could indicate future problems in an otherwise healthy pet. Call us today at (239) 435-1222.

Digital Radiography (X-Ray):

Digital X-ray allows our doctors to produce crisp, high-contrast images of the bones and internal organs. The increased clarity of digital X-ray images means that we can see more details and be better-equipped to detect issues such as:

  • Fractures

  • Arthritis

  • Bone spurs

  • Limb deformities

  • Tumors and cysts

  • ...and more

Digital X-ray procedures are much quicker than traditional film X-ray procedures. Sedation will likely not be necessary for your pet, which also means less stress and discomfort. Our digital system also produces smaller amounts of radiation than traditional X-ray.

Our In-House Lab:

When we need to make a quicker diagnosis to treat pets that are ill and need urgent care, we use our in-house testing equipment. Instead of having to wait at least 24 hours for test results, we can obtain them within the hour (or sooner) and explore treatment options soon after. Examples of tests we offer include:

  • Blood chemistry

  • Heartworm testing

  • 4DX testing (checks for heartworm and several tick-borne diseases)

  • Urinalysis

  • CBC (complete blood count)

Ultrasound Imaging:

X-ray is not always our imaging tool of choice. Ultrasound provides us with a real-time, detailed moving image of the internal organs in a way that X-ray cannot. Furthermore, instead of using radiation, the ultrasound unit emits concentrated pulses of sound. These soundwaves bounce off the soft tissues and send back information that is converted into a moving image. Ultrasound can help us see:

  • Blood supply going to the organs

  • The shape, texture, and size of the organs

  • Pregnancies

  • Heart defects

  • Bladder stones

  • Cysts and tumors

  • Fluid in the abdomen and other abnormalities

Early Detection Gives Pets an Advantage Over Illness

Early detection is not possible without the aid of pet diagnostics. Many illnesses can be reduced or avoided altogether if we can catch them soon enough. Call (239) 435-1222 today to schedule your pet for their parasite screening, X-ray, or ultrasound exam.